Studio Rules

  • No gum, food, candy, drinks (except for water), cell phones or MP3 players are allowed in class at any time.
  • No jewelry in class except small earrings
  • Please arrive on time for class. Students with Pointe shoes should arrive 15 minutes early to allow time to put on shoes and warm up.  Much class time is wasted putting on shoes.
  • Students may talk before and after class, but not during class.  Disrespect toward the teacher or other students will not be tolerated and a time out or dismissal from class will result.  No refunds will be given to students who are dismissed from class for disciplinary reasons.
  • Parents are not allowed in the classroom (except for Creative Movement) unless it is a designated in-class observation day.
  • All Students and parents are asked to clean up after themselves and not leave items for the staff to clean up after class.
  • UNATTENDED STUDENTS or siblings who are dropped off early or are waiting between classes that cause unnecessary messes or are behaving disruptively will be sent home.
    • Please be aware that we take extra precautions with security and the well being of your child(ren) while at the studio.  Please caution your children about waiting inside or on the porch and away from the parking lot if they are waiting your arrival.  If your child is 7 or younger, they will be asked to remain inside the studio to wait for the parent’s arrival.  Pre-school students will be asked to remain in the classroom until the parents pick them up.  Parents, if you know you will be late to pick-up your child, please advise the child’s instructor or call the studio.  Please remember the teachers have other classes to each.