General Policies

1. Attendance: All students are expected to come to class regularly, on time and dressed in appropriate dance attire.  Late arrivals are disruptive and unfair to other students in the class.  Parents are reminded that any absence from class hampers a student’s progress and that repeated absences could cause a student to fail to keep up with the class.  By registering your child for classes at The Dance Center, you are committing yourself to ensuring your child will be attending class on a regular basis.

2. Placement of a student according to training, age, ability and effort guarantees the steady progress of each class and the self-confidence of the students.  The Dance Center has a very diverse and talented group of dance instructors.  Although your child(ren) may be very comfortable with their instructor, it may be beneficial for them to experience instruction from a different teacher.  Each instructor delivers a unique approach and specific strengths for the overall athletic and artistic growth of your child(ren).  If your child(ren) plans to continue with dance lessons long-term, our methods will allow then to reach their full potential as dancers and ease the transition to advanced training.

3. Proper Attire: All students are required to dress properly in class at all times.  No fluorescent colors, prints or designs allowed.

  • Creative Movement students are not required to wear dance attire.  Comfortable and loose-fitting clothing is recommended. Please NO ATTACHED TUTUS.
  • Hair is to be worn away from the face and off the neck.
  • Required attire for Ballet, Tap and Jazz is light-colored tights (pink, white or tan) with solid color (black preferred for older students) leotard and appropriate footwear.
  • NO leotards with attached tutus or bicycle pants allowed for any dance class.
  • Bare feet are required for Gymnastic classes to achieve proper traction on the gym mats.
  • Pink ballet shoes and tan tap shoes are required footwear for the appropriate classes.
  • SHOES & APPAREL:  Shoes, leotards and tights as well as other dance items are available for purchase at the studio.  We encourage our students to purchase their dance attire from us, to ensure proper fit and uniformity within each class.  You will also find that our prices are generally lower than many local dance retailers.
    Please contact the office for current prices.

4. Inclement Weather: During bad weather, call the studio 1 hour before classes begin to find out if your class is cancelled.  If a class is cancelled due to inclement weather, it may be made-up at The Dance Center’s convenience.  Check with your teacher for information on make-up classes.

  • There are extra days built into the schedule, so some classes may not require make-up classes.
  • There is no reduction in tuition for classes cancelled due to bad weather or other emergencies beyond our control.