Costume/ Recital Fee

As a part of the complete dance education, all students are required to participate in our annual Recital in June (except for Creative Movement).  All students are required to purchase a costume that will be supplied through the studio.

  • To minimize the cost, each family is encouraged to participate in the annual Fundraiser.  40% of the money raised is deducted from your own costume cost.
  • The costume fee varies per class and includes the costume, all accessories for the costume and one pair of tights to be worn during Pictures, Dress Rehearsal and Recital only.
  • Any shoes and/ or undergarments will be an additional cost and the responsibility of the dancer.
  • Costume Fees are due NO LATER than December 10th.
  • You may make payments towards the Costume Fee at any time prior to December 10th.
  • Tuition is NOT due in December, for those students starting in September  (December tuition is still due for those students that started late, unless payment had been previously made from the beginning of the session).
  • Costume balances that are unpaid after December 10th will accrue a $15.00 late fee.
  • If payment is not received by December 16th, a costume may not be ordered for that student unless payment and additional late fees are paid.